Shenzhen Cosie® Technology Company Limited., through years of system re-structure, has been producing various electrical heating components and has become a world renowned maker.  By means of our strong techniques and years of manufacturing experience, we have won the high appraisal by our mass customers in terms of high quality products and outstanding sales team.
Through unremitting efforts,we havesuccessfully developed electrothermal towel racks, which are widely used in families, luxury residential apartments, villas, hotels, hostels, inns, cloakrooms, kitchens, medical institutionsfor aged peopleand public service places.  The invention of the electrothermaltowel rack has greatly improved our living hygiene, especiallynot only to prevent the damp towels, bath towelsand clothesfrombreedingmoulds, bacteria, mites, etc, but also to dispel the bathroom moisture,staletaste, and bad odor.  Meanwhile, it brings extreme benefitsto human body health.
In order to improve and protect our living and working environments, we have been  pursuing the "people orientation, and green coexistence" business philosophy.  We are always in consistence of this business philosophy in our operations toreach "supreme flawless"state.
Not simply sell products and services to customers, we also satisfy demands of customers, e.g.: professional architects, interior designers, in accordance with their specific needs and wants.  Since our products are practically,economically and widely used in luxury hotels, hostels, inns and families, we have exported mass of our products to many countries, i.e.: Europe, USA, Australia, South America and Mid-east area.
Cosie® Our operational goals:
1, people-oriented: to satisfy customers with healthy and safe indoor environments.
2, people-oriented:to satisfy customers’ requirements for modern life and to improve humanistic environments with better antibacterial, mould-proof, deodorant, anti-freezeeffects.
3, people-oriented: to satisfy customers’ needs of artistic and aesthetic spirits.
4, people-oriented: to satisfy customers demands with value-worthyproducts and services.

深圳市万良科技有限公司 Shenzhen Cosie Technology Company Limied.


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