Heated Towel Rack HY-20

Heated Towel Rack,Electrothermal Towel Rack

Product size:1260X520X125mm
Power Frequency:50HZ  
Time of warming-up:5min
Net weight:4.8KG
Material:Stainless steel 304SS、201SS

COSIE - Heated Towel Rack

①,European style.
 COSIE HJU is high and new technology products, it belongs to High-grade sanitary ware supporting products. its characteristic reflect the texture of European products: the style of towel rack design is simple, fashionable, energy-saving, and compact; beautifying the environment of household life of sanitation and bath, and enjoying high quality life.
②,the wide scope of application.
 It widely applicable to family, high-end house, villa, hotel, guesthouse, inn, cloakroom, kitchen, medical and old-age care institution, and the public service place ( such as beauty and hairdressing, sauna bath, footbath, and sports hall and so on).
③,health an environmental protection.
 It can dry wet towels, bath towels, and clothes within 2 hours. There are not plenty of toadstools, bacteria, mites and other pernicious bacteria if towel is wet. It can also
help bathroom get rid of wet gas, moldy gas and stink, so it’s really good for human health. It proves that the growth rate of bacteria on wet condition is 50 times of drying
according to the text. But this product can effectively restrain the growth of bacteria on towels or clothes so that it can at the root of keeping families’ health.
④,hotel, guesthouse, inn.
 1, Generally, the troublesome phenomenon to guesthouses and hotels is: there will be wet everywhere because of the towels, and underclothes and socks which have been washed by guests and so many of them even hanged and leaved their clothes disorderly for drying clothes quickly after they checked in. the result is that it smells bad thanks for the wet gas in carpets, ambry, lampshades, and even every guest room’s carpet.
⑤,energy saving and low power.
 It uses low heat, and the surface temperature is 50 degrees Celsius. So it will not burn your hands and scorched your clothes when you use it to dry clothes. It is safe and uses power from 18w to 300w. It is economical and energy-saving, and most of styles use power didn’t up to one coin per hour. COSIE HJU is made of stainless steel which is hard and no polishing and its acceptable life is at least 20 years.
⑥,safety performance.
 It has multiple layers of protection and safety. The innermost layer of heating elements is made of special heated alloy wires; the second layer is made of Teflon which is high temperature insulating material; the third layer is metallic shielded layer; the outermost layer has a protective layer withstanding high temperatures which call PVC. It will not have electric leakage with those heavy protections. Furthermore, the popularizing rate of this kind of production has reached 80% in European countries, and the technology of these productions is mature.
⑦,Easy installation.
 It can be directly installed to bathroom walls, and it will not be controlled by installation conditions. There are 2 ways of wiring so that you can choose open wire or concealed wire. The time for installing only need 10 minutes by professional. It is very convenient and easy, of course, on the no closing condition that the hotel can have a bathroom transformation.

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